Program Offering

StudentUnion provides online and in-person ELA & math-infused STEM/coding learning & teacher training for underserved public schools in NYC and nationwide.

Teacher Training & Support

Our professional development workshops and coaching enables teachers to quickly and easily incorporate STEM and coding into their current lessons and curricula. Our approach supports teachers in mastering the basic skills to support their students’ learning with the STEM skills needed to be prepared for the future in a rapidly changing world.

Student Programming

Students apply learning in their current academic subjects through hands-on projects in coding, robotics, problem solving, literacy, math, engineering design, 3D printing and much more. Our approach is student-centered and project-based for immediate engagement.

StudentUnion provides STEM teacher training and student learning, featuring:

  • Hands-on projects in Scratch, TinkerCAD 3D design, Problem-Solving Engineering, ELA & Math-infused Skill Building
  • In-person and/or online STEM training and learning with instructors
  • Coaching for curriculum integration
  • Access to our online STEM lessons through our StemCoLab learning platform

StudentUnion works with schools and youth-serving organizations to access funding. We develop a customized program to fit each school’s needs.

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Accessable, Engaging, Lasting Learning

  • Problem Solving Focus: Real-world and Culturally Responsive problem solving through computational thinking with scaffolded projects that encourage students to address problems that they see in community.
  • Videos introduce projects, allowing teachers to focus on facilitating the process rather than transferring the knowledge.
  • STEMCoLab lesson and video library gives teachers and students entry points into many STEM/coding projects, including computer programming, non-computer-based computational thinking, 3D design and printing, digital movies and music, rocket science, and much more.

ELA & Math Skill-Building through Coding

Students build hands-on projects in powerful programs like MIT’s Scratch and TinkerCAD 3D design and apply important math and ELA skills as they create.

Math through Coding

  • Converting decimals
  • Using the distributive property of multiplication
  • Finding the volume of a rectangle

Literacy Skills through Coding

  • Identifying parts of speech
  • Editing sentences
  • Constructing narrative

Online & In-Person Teacher Training

StudentUnion and MakerState provide STEM teacher training for such prestigious programs as the National Science Foundation-funded Maker Partnership Project and the NYC Department of Education’s CS4ALL initiative. We have a proven record in online professional development that brings STEM/coding learning to NYC students and the nation.

What makes our program different

  • Fun-first ELA/math skill-building & badges earned
  • New “Challenge” projects every day
  • Learning reports for accountability to you
  • Access to online lesson library
  • Access STEMCoLab online lesson and video library

What we provide

  • Real-time Learning with Live Instructors
  • Support for curriculum integration
  • Trained Maker Fellow Coaches
  • Culturally Relevant Family Engagement