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Code & Game Design

When you use your devices like your computers, phones, or tablets, have you ever stop to think about what is making your device work? It’s code! Code is the language computer scientists use to talk to computers.

With the world constantly changing, it’s important that everyone learns to code! At Student Union, our chapters heads and volunteers help students learn to code every day.

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3D Print

This is your chance to help children to build their wildest dreams… of a sustainable world. Using Computer Aided Design(CAD), you will be able to help children to design 3D objects that can change the world!

With the help of 3D printers, our CAD designs can be brought to life! ... It’s our future so let’s start building it as a team! You will guide every child through creating a simple 3D object to designing the structure that will save the world.

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Hands-On Engineering

Get your hands dirty!

Do you know that every Automotive, Mechanical or Chemical Engineer started his career with getting his hands dirty. Maybe you’re a rising engineer and have a passion for sharing your skill and experience with kids through making. Join us! You can help children to apply new skills with hands-on opportunities to think critically, be creative and solve problems.

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Get your hands dirty!


Change happens with one person right? But, what if you could create another person? Say hello Robotics! Robotics is the concept of applying mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering skills into developing physical objects that help solve problems and save the world!

Using Lego Robotics and more, students will be transported into a world where they can solve problems like oil pollution, air pollution, and more. As a chapter head or volunteer at Student Union, you will be the pioneer that allows students to change the world using Lego Robotics and more.

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What Volunteers & Chapter Heads Do

At Student Union, we have two types of volunteering opportunities: Chapter Heads and Volunteers/Instructors. Here are the responsibilities for both roles:


Chapter Heads:

What impact can you make?

Are you a parent or educator with one or more students who want STEAM/coding classes?

Are you a volunteer, interested in helping underserved youth in learning STEAM/coding?